Web Designer

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kevin Washington, and I am a Senior Web Developer. I have completed my Certified Web Development course at Orange County Technical College. I have demonstrated my technical ability and competency to perform all necessary task as it relates to Web Development/Designer. My desire as a Web Developer/Designer has only increased since I began this journey. I have an even greater appreciation for the Web Development industry and the role it plays in our society, than ever before. Web Development has a significant part to play in the way the world functions today. I am thankful that I now have the skills to contribute to this ever-demanding and widening industry.

I am asking you to consider me as a Web Developer with your firm. I am a punctual, hard-working person, given to detail. I seek to perform my assignments with a standard of quality in a timely manner. I carry and conduct myself in a professional manner and am able to get along with all types of people personalities. My dress is business casual, and I’m always well-groomed.

I desire to use my skills and abilities to help you to continue to produce the quality of work that your company provides.

Feel Free To Contact Me In Regards To A Position With Your Company.


Kevin Washington  800-905-0037